Why choose Shiny Stuff Designs?

All of the jewellery by Shiny Stuff Designs is hand made with passion by myself. The aim of my range is to provide jewellery to adorn you for whatever occasion it is worn.

Woven Wonders

Woven Wonders is a range of gemstone and sterling silver wirework.

Every item is an individual design, a truly unique item of jewellery.

The pendants are supplied without a chain, therefore enabling you to add the finishing touch of your own choice of style and length.

A selection of chains. collars and cords are available for you to purchase separately.

Classic Chic

Classic Chic is a range of gemstone and sterling silver jewellery.

They are made from well known and high end gemstones.

Designed in a classic style to make jewellery that will never date.

Many of the designs are one off items, others are made in a small quantity.

Alterations to the style of ear fittings can be made, please contact me if you would like more information.

Contemporary Classic

Contemporary Classic is a range of gemstone and sterling silver jewellery.

They are made from a selection of well known and not so well known gemstones.

This is a range of jewellery designed with a modern twist.

Many of my designs are one off, but others are available in small quantities.

If you do not find what you are after in my ranges, why not contact me and we can discuss making exactly what you want.

If you are able, why not visit an event that I will be exhibiting at. This would give you the opportunity to see my work in person.

Artisan jewellery, handmade with gemstones & wire. Special pieces for special people.

This statement is what Shiny Stuff Designs is all about. Every one of my customers are special, deserving the best designs and quality of work that I am able to provide.

Buying from my online shop.

As most of my designs are a unique item, if I am at an event there may be an occasion that the item has sold. If this does happen I will contact you as soon as possible, and either make a similar type if possible and convenient to yourself. If not I will refund the payment to you.

So far I have not had this problem, but it is something that could possibly happen.

Full details are available in my Terms and Conditions, and Delivery information.

And to finish

While you are here, why not have a look at the Latest News and Updates. It lets you know what I am up-to, it also features some posts about the Birthstone of the month with snippets of information that you may find interesting.

Also please remember to check the list of confirmed events to see if there are any that you may be interested in.

I hope that you find it interesting, and if you do visit an event please stop and say hello. It is always nice to see you in person.

Enjoy looking